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Default L82 Build - Best Head for Stock Cam


Sorry as i was writing the post became very long. Short explanation

Car Background
1979 Corvette L82 Auto, 43K Miles
100% street driven, I don't rev it above 5.5K RPMs
Looking for more punch around town

Build Plan
$1500 budget
2.5 Dual Exhaust
63 Ram Horn Exhaust Manifold
Stock Cam
Stock QJet
Vortec or Aftermarket head, what is best/dependable for 1000?
What intake is best to keep stock air cleaner for a 79 hood?
If keeping old intake pattern, is L82 intake sufficient or is there something better that clears 79 hood with stock air cleaner?
Are there any tricks to keeping under hood stock looking but unhooking some of the smog components?

Also, how much power do you think this combination should make?

Thank you
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Old 07-12-2017, 12:14 AM
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Welcome to the forum.

Most aftermarket intakes are going to be taller which might necessitate a shorter air filter or new hood. As far as heads go, the large valve (2.02 intake) heads are pretty good and available. EGR valve can be removed and blocked off. If you have an AIR pump, it can be removed and the manifold holes plugged. The manifold holes are a straight pipe thread and I found a brass plug that fit. Be sure to remove the tubes from the manifold before putting the plugs in. But if you go w/ a mid-year ram horn, you won't have the holes. I'm guessing that you're using that in order to get the 2.5" exhaust. Might want to consider putting some higher compression ratio pistons in and also a roller cam that's a little more aggressive than stock.
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