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Dead battery occassionally

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Default Dead battery occassionally

My '87 convertible developed a new problem. The battery turns up dead every once in a while.
It may sit for a day and be dead or it may sit for a week or two and fire right up. The car charges at about 13.9 volts +/- a couple of tenths. The battery checks out and the car runs with the battery disconnected. No loud "snap" and very minimal spark produced with engine off and reconnecting the battery. I believe a little spark is normal isn't it? for the clock and things that run when the cars ignition is off.
Going to try disconnecting the battery to see if it still goes dead. Thought maybe a loose plate or something might be killing the battery and still let it test good when the plate moves.
Any other ideas?
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I had something similar, turned out mine was the wife had put a lipstick tube in by the seat adjustor and it was pushing against the switch all the time.

Couple of things I did to track it down. One was to disconnect the negative battery cable and using a DVOM I measured the amps between the engine block and negative battery post with everything off. It was elevated from what it should have been. I then used the tool shown that lets you check each fuse in the fuse panel to find what's drawing too much. Mine turned out to be one of the circuit breakers in there that controlled the seats and power locks.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

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