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Old 09-01-2005, 04:05 AM
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Default Just got 97 Vette

Hi all. I'm new here...as in 10 minutes...I did a Google of Corvette Forums and found this. I just bought my first Corvette...a 1997. It is white w/ red leather and red/black trim. It is completely stock...bought it from the second owner (another Air Force guy) and it has 13,640 miles on it...and is in perfect shape.

I am looking for advice on what to do for good power gains? Exhaust, headers, intake, ignition, programmer? I have a supercharged Tahoe and it really moves...I want to wait at least 3 years before I put any sort of blower on it. I am going to take it and Dyno my starting point next week. I'll post what she does bone stock and after a few mods I will take it back to see what it did.

I obviously don't want to waste my money with things that don't work..but I want to get MORE POWER!!!

I've seen a couple guys that say don't waste your time with exhaust.....or intakes....and just go with a supercharger....and not waste your time with the "little things" that don't do much good. I've also seen twin turbo kits out there for C5s...which are like 8 or 9K.....maybe someday...but not right now.

Also, anyone know where I can get a good maintenance manual for my vette? I see Haynes and Chilton's don't make them for the C5s.

Any recommended exterior mods? or handling mods? Aftermarket brakes? anti sway bars? aftermarket suspension?


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Old 09-01-2005, 09:07 AM
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Default RE: Just got 97 Vette

Nice car - low miles, too.

I'm repeating stuff I've said elsewhere in other posts, but I've had a lot of experience with the LS1 in your car (same engine in my Z98 Z28) and LS6 (2002 ZO6 Corvette). I dyno and track test everything, and I'm a bit of skeptic about all claims, so . .

Overall, I have found that verified 9on the dyno) aftermarket HP gains cost about $85 per. People BS you with claims and that's all they are in many cases, claims.

Airboxes, cold air induction, etc. The best add about 5 HP on the dyno, maybe more on the track (there is someting to the argument that the cold air ram features don't work on the dyno since the car isn't moving to "ram" the air) - but not more than 7- at best.

You have the '97, you have the 345 HP original LS1. You could convert to the later intake manifold for the 350 HP version, but a better idea is to find a used LS6 (ZO6) intake manifold. It will add about 7-8 HP. Some minor fitting needed for the EGR. More expensive aftermarket manifolds (F.A.S.T. works best) might ad a bit more but they are mainly for heavily modified engines.

Best single addition: headers. I recommend quality ones. I put B&B long tubes on my 02 ZO6 when stock and it transformed the car -- best single addition I ever did - lots of torque and about 22 HP. You can find short tube B&B headers anywhere but I think Lingenfelter.com is the eclusive for their long tubes. Other companies make long tubes, including Kocks. Go with 1 3/4 inch unless you have it heavily modified, then 1 7/8. Pay for quality -- its a tight fit and cheap ones use some of your ground clearance.

Supercharger. The Magnusen SC kit, using the Eaton M-112 supercharger, is wonderful. Buy the kit compalete and you have everything you need to drop make it work except a high rise hood to clear the SC (someone probably packages that in a kit, too). I had the #3 kit in the country, in early '02. That was adventure, now they have the instructions and kit dialed in. It fits well, and makes no difference in the driveability and little on fuel economy of that car, but adds about 30% power. I'd recommend headers with it although you can do it without.
Other SCs are a bit more difficult, in my opinion. I have the Procharger D1SC now like Vortech a centrifugal SC. These ultimately produce slightly more power at the top end, but unlike the positive displacement Eaton in the Magnusen, don't produce boost as early. The magnusen kit really gives you mid range torque and high end power.
A head and cam package can be fun but takes a lot of time and money to install. Of all the improvements, the Magnusen kit is best.

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Default RE: Just got 97 Vette

To add to the blower list: I hear that Kenne Bell is getting into the Vette game! They are supposed to make a twin screw unit for the vettes, is this true? Good info Lee. I would have to argue though that air intakes are essential in laying a good foundation on any car.
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Old 09-02-2005, 08:31 PM
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Default RE: Just got 97 Vette

Yea, I recall hearing something about the Kenny Black kit, also that it might be a bored M-112 unit with a larger capacity. I really like the twin screw supercharger set up like Magnusen had. Only reason I went to the Procharger I have now is that the M-112 is the largest unit Eaton makes and it tops out at around 550-600 HP flywheel. I hope the Ken Black kit can blow more air. That would be great.

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