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shanghaied Corvair parts

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Default shanghaied Corvair parts

First let me say that I am a Corvair person, not a Corvette person. (I am more of a car enthusiast, as I love all cars, even Corvettes. i just stick to what I can afford.) I just want a good answer to a question that really irritates me. My question is as follows:

One of the options on LM Corvairs is a telescopic steering column. There are two types, one for '65-66 cars and one for '67-9 cars. The factory built some 14,000 of the '65-6 style, but less than 800 for the '67-9 style. However, in both styles, there are some parts that I understand are common with Corvettes. The result is that I have witnessed many instances where a Corvette person has bought up a Corvair column for the express purpose of stripping those few parts off for some Corvette,. The remainder of the parts are of no use to anyone, and end up in the dumpster.

My question is this, with all the reproduced parts for Corvettes available, why aren't these also reproduced? It would save stripping a Corvair of a tele column.

The reason I ask this is that Corvette people usually have far deeper pockets than Corvair people, and can better afford it. Why deprive us Corvair people of valuable options, especially given the scarcity of the Corvair parts? Considering that the remaining parts of the assembly are of no use to anyone and thus are scrapped, the net result could be avoided if these parts were repopped. Why aren't they?

Just FYI, being tall, I find this option almost a necessity, and liking '67's in particular, take particular offense to this practice. I have even had an occasion where I refused to sell a '67 tele column to a Corvette friend, even turning down a loaded with options parts car (the whole car) in exchange for just the column. My response to him was that it was a Corvair part, and NOT a Corvette part, so by God, it was going to go into a Corvair. (And it was eventually much needed by a fellow Corvair owner, as he and his wife were a "Mutt & Jeff" couple.) Thus I consider this parts-stealing practice to be incredibly disrespectful, callous, arrogant, and truly unbecoming of true car enthusiasts.


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