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Personalized Plates

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Default Personalized Plates

Just kinda of curious to know who has personalized/vanity plates and what they say? As we all know by my User Name and Avitar mine says "PAY2PLY."
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I have a water truck service and the plates on my service truck say "H2O 2GO" The "Starship's" plates say "STR SHP".
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I'm a Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems (you know, all that we are the dot in dot-com stuff)... My 81 vette has "SUNOS" (our good old OS from 20+ years ago), and my Navigator has "SOLARIS" (the current incarnation). I wanted to get "GTFOMW", but it was taken. (Get The F* Outta My Way)

Interesting, we moved to WV about a year ago, and WV doesn't have front plates. I was thinking about getting GTFOMW printed backwards on a front plate.

A friend of mine and I took some pics at the grand canyon with the former "Solaris" badged car... That's my white Jag/Daimler VDP, next to his Lotus Esprit:

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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I just ordered some plates for mine, It's going to say

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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I don't have a personalized plate now.

We had "187FORD" on the Camaro ("187" is a police code for a murder) but my son drives this to work at a Ford dealership a lot and so . . . it went back.

At one time when the car was near stock I had "BOOKMKR" (I've written and published eight books on engineering, the royalties from sales pay for my cars) but I actually had people stop me and ask if they could place bets!

I was very close to getting LOW 10S, referring to quarter mile e.t., but a buddy pointed out most people would think it means "Low Tennis" --as in "can't get it over the net," and, as he joked, probably would stop me at a light and ask what else I can't get up.

I was going to get "630 RWHP" but my son pointed out I will just add more down the road, so . . .

But I do have personalized rear license plate frames - black frames with raised 1 inch white letters (made them myself using the method I outlined on this forum months ago).

Porsche: "MY OTHER CAR HAS TWICE AS MUCH HORSEPOWER" -- something neat about having that on a 320 HP Porsche Carrera.

and my favorite, on the 'vette: "THIS CAR IS FASTER THAN IT LOOKS"
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I have a 90 Roadster. My plates are VET 90
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

Before I got my Vette, I had MATZ KAR on my Ford Escort ( ) and before i sold the car, I was getting very very close to getting rid of the tags because I would be driving down the road and i would hear people screaming out of their windows "HEY MATT" and i would always think i knew them and would look and it would just be random people. So it was annoying. And now i have regular plates. I was thinking about getting something like "SNKEETR" (snake eater) sometime down the road when i juice up the power in my car a bit more.
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

well my plate was supposed to say NAST 1 WICH MENT NASTY 1,BUT THEY MESSED UP AND I GOT NAS1W[8D] SO I KEPT IT ANY WAY

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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I am too afraid that personalized plates will act like a beacon to the police, so yeh... call me a skeerdy cat.
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Default RE: Personalized Plates

I tried to get "bite me" but of course I couldn't.

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