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My Slomula

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Default My Slomula

Thought I would post some pix/vids of my car.
Curent Mod list:
1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula
Body: Coupe
Color: Dark Green Metallic
Engine: LT1(Gen-II) 350 C.I.
Transmission: Borg Warnner T-56 (6 Speed Manual)
Interior: Dark Grey Cloth
-Trick Flow Intake Elbow
-BBK Under drive Pulley
-Monrso Cold Air Intake
-TPIS EGR block off plates
-TSIP Air Foil
-Jet Hot Full long Tube Headers (Coated)
-Custom 3.5 Inch Y-pipe (Off Road)
-Custom Over Valve Cover Plug Wires (9MM)
-RK Sports “LT1” TB plate
-EGR/A.I.R. Delete
-GMHP Optispark Kit
-OBD I Conversion + “Bolt On” Tune

-Hurst “Indy” Short Throw Shifter
-ZOOM Street Clutch
-S.K.A.G.S. Skip Shift eliminator
-Rebuild 10Bolt(With Gears 4.10)
-Custom Lower Control Arms
-Custom Subframe Connectors
-HAL 3way Sport Struts
-HAL Drag Special Shocks
-American Racing Torque Thrust II’s (17*9.5)
-Mickey Thompson Et Street Drag Radials/ BF Goodrich G-Sport KDW (Front)
-Custom Decals
Curent Pictures:
Name:  STA72355.jpg
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Name:  STA72356.jpg
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Name:  STA72340.jpg
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Name:  STA72354.jpg
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Name:  STA72540.jpg
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Name:  STA72539.jpg
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Name:  STA72542.jpg
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Name:  STA72499.jpg
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Name:  STA72514.jpg
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Name:  STA72534.jpg
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Name:  STA72535.jpg
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(JDM pose)
Name:  STA72545.jpg
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Name:  KansasCityMadness098.jpg
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Name:  KansasCityMadness186.jpg
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Racing Videos:

Soon To come Mods:
Head/cam package will pull from 2,300 to 6,500 RPM and should make *400 - 420 RWHP with 30/36 lb. injectors, 58 MM T.B., 1 ¾ LT’s, no cats, good tuning, etc. This will have
an idle similar to the CC306 cam but will make more HP & TQ across the board. The REAL
difference is the amount TQ this cam makes in the 2,500 – 3,500 RPM range compared to
the cc306.
The LT1 LE2 heads consist of:
Ferrea 200/1.56 Valves
CM Retainers & 10° Locks
Comp Bee Hive Springs
205 CC Intake porting
Milling. Cleaning, Assembly
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Default RE: My Slomula

I want forged internals! Also we can't have any pictures posted on the boardwith the Kansas City Chefs logo in them.

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