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frame numbers

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Default frame numbers

I finally finshed all of the DMV paperwork and got the registration process underway. In order to finish, I need a VIN verification since the original title was lost and I am applying for a new one.

When the car was inspected, the CHP officer found the frame number was different from the body VIN. In looking at it myself, the frame number is only the last half, starting at "S" and having the six numbers of 117782. The last six numbers are completely different from the body VIN tag indicating the frame has been replaced. I have examined this car all over and I would bet my bottom dollar this frame has never been separated from the body. Also, there is no indication of body or frame damage ever.

Naturally, the VIN verification failed and the CHP officer wants to drill out the old VIN plate and "blue plate" the car which means they affix a CHP/DMV tag on the body. In the process, the VIN of the car is changed to match the frame rather than the other way around.

Is it just me or does this sound crazy? The frame number is incomplete which means there could technically be five of them out there; one for each of the five mid years. The officer said they would have to assume the frame is a '64. What if it isn't and the original car with that VIN is actually sitting in storage just like I found this one. That means someone could get shafted if they ever try to register the car in California because I will already have claim to it. I posed this situation to him and he had no answer. He also seemed perplexed that the frame number was not the entire VIN and only the last half. I told him I was not surprised since other items such as the engine are only the last half and not the whole number.

The officer checked the frame numbers for stolen and found nothing. Since the first part of the VIN is not on the frame, he checked for all five years and as a coupe and a convertible. I'm glad he found nothing because I would have went ballistic if he tried confiscating the car as stolen property based on a VIN number he invented and not a complete one actually stamped on the vehicle. Personally, I think this guy doesn't know what he is doing. Any police officers out there who can enlighten me?

Does anyone know if the factory could have errored and how ofter such errors occurred?

I have not done anything yet and I plan find a (legal) way to get this car properly registered using the body VIN number.

I do have a back up plan, I know another CHP guy who specializes in stolen vehicles and he has offered to do the VIN verification before. He won't do anything illegal of course but I am hoping he knows more and can find a way around the problem. As soon as the car is drivable, I'm taking it to him.

Does anyone know if restamping the frame to match the body is legal? Also, is there a way to tell if this is a '64 frame? Maybe they stamp the numbers in a different spot each year? This one is on the top of the frame just over the left rear wheel.
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Default RE: frame numbers

The two things I do know are 1. All frames from 65 to 67 have the front crossmember notched out just below the crank pulley for the addition of a big block and 2. The frame rails are drilled just behind the doors for the addition of side exhaust.. If the crossmember is not notched its either a 63 or 64....Stroker
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