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for all engineers or math gurus

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Default for all engineers or math gurus

Take a look at this check. The only thing I've come up with is that the first term is 2/1000'ths of a cent...which is nothing, the second term is equal to -1, and the last approaches zero....Any thoughts??

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Default RE: for all engineers or math gurus

Can't see it... Just the thumbnail image, too small.

<math guy>
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Default RE: for all engineers or math gurus

There's at least one variable in there.... (hard to read properly)... without knowing what 'n' is, we can't really figure it out...

Not to mention, I can only go 2 precision points on PI... it's been quite awhile since last I was in schoolin's....

I'll bet if we knew what 'n' was, though, that would be a pretty bloody funny algorithm and result.

Ya GOTSA give the dude credit for creativity. That was really entertainin'.
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Default RE: for all engineers or math gurus

Here is the picture he is referring too:
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Default RE: for all engineers or math gurus

Cute. I wonder if it's legal.

The first term is 2/10ths cent - that's legal if stupid

The second term is the base of the natural log system(2.718281828459045 - which I really have still memorized from college -- and it's never done me any good) raised to a power ofcomplex variable orthogonal (imaginary) component (square root of -1) times pi (3.14159 . . . ), and by some classic theorum I vaguely recall, know to be equal to -1: a minus dollar.

The last termis a well known convergentinfinate series summing to 1.00 -- that is, a dollar.

So, the check is made our fora net value of two tenths cent. From that fact, the way the guy wrote it, and his "bitches" comment, I assume Verizon sent this guy a bill for 2/10ths of a cent (probably interest on an overdue account he had paid, not rounded to the nearest cent), he called and talked to one or more mindless minions of that company who told him its a legit bill and he had to pay it, and he decided to respond with "something else" they are too stupid to understand.

And it is cute, and if I were a judge, I'd say it was legal even if, I bet,a bank won't honor it, but then he ruined itwith the "bitches" comment.

That said, I don't want to know this guy even if he does know math. He's probably an a**.
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Default RE: for all engineers or math gurus

That makes perfect sense, Lee. Thanks for doin' all the cypherin' on that for us! Yeh, you are totally right... the guy has to be a doorknob....
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