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Not just health care...

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Exclamation Not just health care...

Subject: URGENT!!! Take Immediate Action On Health Insurance

To ALL Team Members Of HealthSmart:

You have heard the old saying “Now is the time for all patriots to come to the aid of their country”… Well, now IS that time!
Your country needs you! Your country needs you to take action and at the very least, be an informed citizen. Washington is trying to force down our throats this “Healthcare” bill that will supposedly save us all, but it is not, in my opinion, for the good of our country; it is for the good of a bunch of Washington power brokers. Aside from the fact it could impact your future employment, it is something that cuts to the core of what our country was built on, freedom…freedom of choice, freedom of government control, freedom of how you receive medical care, freedom of even how you die!
Please, if you care, read at least the summary below, and read the actual bill (link attached). Forward this to all you know: employers, friends, people of influence, and your congressional representatives in Washington (House & Senate). Voice your opinion (hopefully against). This bill is not good for our country or your future or children and grandchildren’s future.
Our system may not be perfect, but it is still the best in the world. A government takeover of one-seventh of our GNP is not the answer.

Ted Parker
Chairman & CEO
222 W. Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 600 N.
Irving, TX 75039
(O) 214.574.2322 (F) 214.574.2476
(E) [email protected]
HealthSmart "Smarter Healthcare Solutions"
Confidentiality Notice

{the following was forwarded from Guardian Insurance Company}
House and Senate Bill Link: <Click here
for the Entire Bill
ObamaCare SUMMARY line by line, page by page;

Here are a few one liners from the House health bill:

Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt. will audit books of ALL
EMPLOYERS that self insure!!

Pg 30, Sec 123 of HC bill - THERE WILL BE A GOVT. COMMITTEE that
decides what treatment you get.

Pg 29, lines 4-16 - YOUR HEALTH CARE IS RATIONED!!!

Pg 42, of HC Bill - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose
YOUR Health Care Benefits for you. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!

PG 50, Section 152 - Health Care will be provided to ALL NON-US

Pg 58, - Govt. will have real-time access to individual's finances & a
National ID Healthcard will be issued!

Pg 59, lines 21-24 - Govt. will have direct access to your bank
accounts for electronic funds transfer.

PG 65, Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their
families in Unions & community organizations (ACORN).

Pg 72, Lines 8-14 - Govt. is creating a Health Care Exchange to bring
private Health Care Plans under Govt. control.

Pg 84, Sec 203 HC bill - Govt. mandates ALL benefit packages for
private Health Care Plans in the Exchange.

Pg 85, Line 7
- Specifics for Benefit Levels for Plans = the govt. will
ration your Health Care!

Pg 91, Lines 4-7 - Govt. mandates linguistic appropriate services,
i.e, translation for illegal aliens.

Pg 95, Lines 8-18 - The govt. will use groups, i.e., ACORN &
Americorps, to sign up individuals for govt. HC plan.

Pg 85, Line 7 - Specifics of Benefit Levels for Plans. AARP members,
your health care WILL be rationed.

Pg 102, Lines 12-18 - Medicaid Eligible Individuals will be
automatically enrolled in Medicaid. NO CHOICE.

Pg 124, lines 24-25 - No company can sue GOVT. on price fixing. No
judicial review against Govt. Monopoly.

Pg 127, Lines 1-16 - Doctors/AMA, the Govt. will tell YOU what you can

Pg 145, Line 15-17 - An Employer MUST automatically enroll employees
into public option plan. NO CHOICE.

Pg 126, Lines 22-25 - Employers MUST pay for Health Care for part time
employees AND their families.

Pg 149, Lines 16-24 - ANY Employer with payroll 400k & above who does
not provide public option pays 8% tax on all payroll.

Pg 150, Lines 9-13 - Businesses with payroll between $251k & $400k who
doesn’t provide public opt pays 2-6% tax on all payroll.

Pg 167, Lines 18-23 - ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable Health
Care according to the govt. will be taxed 2
.5% of income.

Pg 170, Lines 1-3 - Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual
taxes. (Americans will pay.)

Pg 195, HC Bill - officers & employees of HC Admin. (GOVT) will have
access to ALL Americans' financial and personal records.

Pg 203, Line 14-15 - The tax imposed under this section shall not be
treated as tax. (Yes, it says that!)

Pg 239, Line 14-24 - Govt. will reduce physician services for
Medicaid. Seniors, low income, poor will be affected.

Pg 241, Line 6-8 - Doctors, it doesn't matter what specialty you have,
you’ll all be paid the same.

Pg 253, Line 10-18 - Govt. sets the value of a doctor's time,
professional judgment, etc. Literally, the value of humans.

Pg 265, Sec 1131 - Govt. mandates & controls productivity for private
Health Care industries.

Pg 268, Sec 1141 - Federal Govt. regulates rental & purchase of power
driven wheelchairs.

patients, welcome to rationing!

Pg 280, Sec 1151 - The Govt. will penalize hospitals for what the Govt.
deems preventable readmissions.

Pg 298, Lines 9-11 - Doctors, if you treat a patient during initial
admission that results in a miss read, the Govt. will penalize you.

Pg 317, L 13-20 - PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Govt.
tells Doctors what/how much they can own.

Pg 317-318, lines 21-25,1-3 - PROHIBITION on expansion. Govt. is
mandating that hospitals cannot expand.

Pg 321, 2-13 - Hospitals have an opportunity to apply for exception BUT
community input is required. Can you say ACORN?!!

Pg 335, L 16-25 Pg 336-339 - Govt. mandates establishment of outcome
based measures. HC the way they want it. Rationing.

Pg 341, Lines 3-9 - Govt. has authority to disqualify Medicare
Advantage Plans, HMOs, etc., forcing people into the Govt. plan.

Pg 354, Sec 1177 - Govt. will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs

Pg 379, Sec 1191 - Govt. creates more bureaucracy; Telehealth Advisory
Committee. Can you say HC by phone?

Pg 425, Lines 4-12 - Govt. mandates Advance Care Planning
Consultations. Think Senior Citizens end of life (assisted suicide).
Pg 425, Lines 17-19 - Govt. will instruct & consult regarding Living
Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney. Mandatory!

Pg 425, Lines 22-25, PG 426, Lines 1-3 - Govt. provides approved list
of end of life resources, guiding you in death.

Pg 427, Lines 15-24 - Govt. mandates program for orders for end of
life. The Govt. has a say in how your life ends.

Pg 429, Lines 1-9 - An Advanced Care Planning Consultation (assisted
suicide) will be used frequently as patient's health deteriorates.

Pg 429, Lines 10-120- Advanced Care Consultation may include an ORDER
for end of life plans. AN ORDER from YOUR GOVERNMENT!!

Pg 429, Lines 13-25 - The govt. will specify which Doctors can write an
end of life order.

Pg 430, Lines 11-15 - The govt. will decide what level of treatment you
will have at the end of YOUR life.

Pg 469 - Community Based Home Medical Services are Non-profit
organizations. Hello, ACORN Medical Services here!

Pg 472, Lines 14-17 - PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. One monthly
payment to a community-based organization. Like ACORN?

Pg 489, Sec 1308 - The govt. will cover Marriage & Family therapy.
Which means they will insert govt. into your marriage.

Pg 494-498 - Govt. will cover Mental Health Services, including
defining, creating, and rationing those services.

Tiffany White
Executive Assitant to Ted L Parker, Chairman & CEO
& Bill Dembereckyj, EVP
HealthSmart Holdings, Inc.
222 W Las Colinas Blvd; Suite 600North; Irving, TX 75039
214.574.2475 (v) l 214.574.2476 (f)
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