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non racing

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Default non racing

Just checking to see if everyone has trouble with every mini van and truck you try to pass trying to prove they can outrun you or if its just that they think an early c4 is fair game.I have been out of Vettes for about 10 years but don't remember this crap in my '79.I do not tail gate or weave(my exhaust tips are too small),but I do like to keep a steady speed.
The first example comes the first day I drove home from work,I have the cruise on 69 on a road I drive everyday and know passing zones etc and come up fast on a pickup,pull out,pass,and just by approach speed know I am by him so pull back in just in time to see him fishtailing to keep from hitting me.
This morning I have the cruise set on 69 again,get behind a pickup doing 62.I follow him for 2 miles untill I can pass,hit resume,pull out and have to floor it to get by him,at 80 he's still coming but as soon as I pull in he's back to 62.Had government plates on it,I enjoyed that.
The others are the ones that show you how fast they can pass then slow down,but luckily there are enough corners here it's not tough to lose them,it's fun watching the wife pound on the driver when he finally realizes that corner he's going to stay with you through gets a little more radius the farther in you get..
Thanks for letting me vent,go home in about an hour so I'll see who's next.
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I call it "vette-struck". It's similar to star-struck. It's interesting to see how a vette can influence other drivers. Sometimes they block you. Sometimes they just want to drive close to you. Sometimes, they have to pass. I drive three different vehicles (one of them being the vette) so I really notice it.

I'm sure that it happens to other cars too. Probably people in porches see it. I'm sure Ferrari drivers suffer it greatly.
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No, I've posted before somewhere the fact that I get lots of envious drivers showing off when I am in the Porsche: I've come to the conclusion that's a function of the fact that it is expensive, not that it is fast, from the type of drivers and they way they act.

The 'vette gets the occasional hot Mustang that wants to race and the idiot immature ricer who buzzes me, all of which i ignore, but the minivans, etc. -- I don't recall anyone in something like that every even trying. Sometimes I get a ridiculous challenge (kids in a Z24 yelling "Do you want to race?", etc.) but they just want to see the car perform, really.

The Camaro gets more challenges than either of the others, I guess because more drivers think they can take a ten-year old Camaro. But it is by far the most intimiating -- first with its electric cutouts it can be very noisy -- most folks back off and act quite at that, then there is thenitrous purge which sort of sends a message, and, of course, I can do a quick dump-the-clutch-quickly from a light and lift the front wheels off the pavement for an eyeblink, which tends to frighten folks.
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What gets me is that my 96 firebird doesn't get it more.The flames scare the minivans I think but the subies and hondas won't even look your way at a stoplight.Maybe paint and pipes do make you fast.
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Been there!
Had acrotch rockettry to chase me through the twities once, not much of a chase, he disappeared rather quickly.( and I never went over the speed limit )
I've had a couple of real road burners in the past. I used to call it the "small dog syndrome". Little dog wants to bark at the big dog, but the big dog's bark is a lot stronger. WOOF!
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Something like this was posted once before. I can be in the right lane and accelerate normal from a stop light and some pickup truck like a ford ranger will just fly by me. Today on the way home a guy my age in a new eclipse was lined up with me at a light and i guess he felt the need to prove that his 150hp car was faster than my car. I just let him go knowing that it would be a waste of gas and a possible ticket was not worth it. He also would not let me pass him, he just kept speeding up. I do also notice that other people drive way different when i'm in the vette compared to when I drove my 240sx. I guess vette struck is right. I swear people act like their1997 mini van or neonis a vette when I get around them.
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here in central valley california it's all the 4x4's that try that crap...but so do the minivans...
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I got a kid in a beat up Taurus to pass me on a dual lane road today. I could tell that he just HAD to pass the vette so I slowly worked him up to over 80 on a 60mph highway. It was so funny. I'm sure that I could have coaxed him up to 100 but I figured 80 was pushing it for the ford (in terms of safety). Plus I had my seven year old with me. He can't keep his mouth shut and tells his mom every time that we have a little fun.

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