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What Have You Pwned?

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Default What Have You Pwned?

I'd just like to know what you've beat in your Vette and what's beat you.

-03 Evo 8
-03 Mach 1
-05 Corvette
-07 Corvette
-06 GTO
-02 WS6
-99 WS6
-00 Camaro SS
-302 Stroker,Fox body mustang
- many SRT-4s lol

-08 LS3 Corvette
-Kenne Bell Cobra
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Well, the list is long and goes back 40 years. I've lost some bad ones from time to time and won some I shouldn't.

My first big race was beating a '68 or '69 Mustang Special that had the then brand new 390 4-bbl with my '68 327 Camaro, in '69. It was my first big money race ($500 - you could by a new Camaro for $3000 back then) and I think I did about 15.25 in the quarter, to win by two lengths.

I've had a life-long policy of only racing against street driven cars - won't run against anyone who trailers their car to the track. With my '02 'vette, when finally built out, I didn't run anything that didn't look like it could do mid 11s. I never lost to a Viper or a Mustang, no matter how modified, although of course there are those out there that would have beat me. I never lost to a Porsche Turbo either, and am not sure they can be modified to be civil and do nines, for that matter.

My worst loss in the last 20 years: I got killed, just killed, in the 'vette by a beige '65 Nova with bench seats and doggie bowl hubcaps that turned out to be running a Judd V10 off shore racing engine of about 10 liters with nitrous, and a trick racing Powerglide transmission -- it ran on the street, with mufflers, but could do 8s at the track and I'm not sure the guy was trying that hard. Luckily it was not for much money.

My best race in the last decade was a three way against a real A**h*le in a new C6 Z06 with headers and slicks, right after they came out: we ran for a lot of money, somewhere around ten grand, and my son drove the Camaro and I had the 'vette, and the bet was something like he won our money if he beat either of us, and we won only if we both beat him -- my 'vette put about 12 lengths or more on him and my son in the Camaro beat me by about five lengths: a 'vette just can't take a well prepped solid axle car off the line.

There are two streetable cars I could never beat around here, a Grand National with a monster turbo and alot of track time dialing it in, that does a 60-foot time of something like 1 second it seemed, and a Supra (twin turbo and a solid rear axle); both do mid nines and are driven to the track. They can barely beat the Camaro but it has never won against them and I doubt it ever will. The 'vette would lose to them by a good margin although I could comfort myself with the fact it was a daily driver just like stock, not a licensed stripped street racer.

MOre recently, in the Aston, I lost a brief off the line tussle with a stock C6 - don't know what year (Aston's don't do well off the line but I think it would have won anyway) but killed a Mercedes AMG E55 that challenged me on the highway from a 40 mph roll, the win, which was convincing, really surprised me.
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the most favorite car i had & probably the the fastest was my 02 subaru wrxit was modified a bit i beat numurous mustangs camaros vettes & tons of the import tuners my first race on the track was a 1990 vette i beat him by about 5 cars & ran a 8.82. my buddy had a ws6 TA no where near stock only car i remrmber beating me by about half a car . ironicly now i drive a 90 vette beat a few z 28s & ss's with it & smoke a rx-8 just a few days ago .
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my favorite all times race was a few years back, i was driving my 2000 eclipse gt, i raced in a 2 lane construction zone a round my house on a main highway at like 2am.. i raced an acura rsx type s and a chick in a car just lke mine, it fell just like in the movies, we hit around 120 then we slowed down.. in the vette ive killed everything so far, evo8s srt4s one biker, and so far and best a 465whp rustang
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