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Have to ask: Ever Run from the Cops?

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Default Have to ask: Ever Run from the Cops?

Okay, I'm game: nothing posted here in months . . . so here goes.

Not that I recommend it, but has anyone here ever run from the cops? It's about as stupid as anything one can do, but . . .

And yes, I did. About 11 years ago I was driving a Acura 3.0 CL (200 HP 3400 lb automatic) to work along a 2-lane country backroad, 5:30 in the morning darkness, and doing about 80+ in a 55. I was on auto-pilot and really not paying attention when a Crown Vic with a light bar passed the other direction at about 50.

The cop made his crucial mistake at this point. He flipped on his light bar. I saw the lights in my rearview mirror and his brake lights as he stopped to turn around (not easy on a narrow two lane road with no driveways). Had he not flipped the lightbar on and snuck up on me . . . I never would have seen him until too late
I fmade a split second decision and floored the gas pedal: I knew the road and its lack of blind driveways well, etc. and realized it would take him a while to do his turnaround and get up to speed. I was out of sight and around a slight bend before he was even started.
I drove down the road about 2 miles at 100 or so and pulled into the first sign of civilization -- the parking lot of a Dunkin' Donut, drove around the store and went back up to the road, then stopped with my blinker on as if waiting to turn back in the direction I had come from: from the front that model Acura looked like a Honda (from the back it has very distinctive triangle taillights and I realized he would know it was me if he saw them) - but from what he saw in the pre-dawn darkness, I was just some law abiding citizen in a Honda getting coffee and heading to work.
A second or two later the cop raced by, lights and siren flashing, V8 engine on full howl, and and disappeared after his phantom speeder. I turned back toward home and took another route that day and for a few days after.
Not necessarily proud of it, but I did do it, so I will admit it.
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Well, yes.
While making a trip from Reno to St. Joe.
Cruisin' around 85, in and out of a group of about 6 semi trucks, saw a MHP (Montana) in the medium. I saw him pull out with dust flyin', I dipped into a slot between trucks and took an exit that just happened to be readily available. The trucks hid my escape and I saw the trooper zoom on by goin' like 90 or better. He obviously didn't see me exit. I waited about 5 min. then pulled back on the road. Now doin' around 70. About 7 miles down the road I saw him commin' back the other way. Just plain dumb luck got me out of that one. LOL

Never really tried to outrun a cop, just used the ditch and hide method a couple of times. ; )
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Default yes....

I time in a car when I was driving. probably 27 years ago maybe more. I was going north on 275 up in the Detroit area. A State Trouper going south. Both of us in the fast lanes. Closest to each other with nothing between us but 80ft of median. I was going about 85+mph in a 1978 Monza Spyder with a 278 V8 in it. We both did the head snap as we past and looked right at eachother. I knew I was busted, and he knew I knew. I can tell you this, the only way you ever get away with things like this is if you have zero hesitation. I was on my A game that day and within a second I jumped on the brakes and threw it right down into the median and got back on the gas. It slid sideways right through and had completed the 180 just as I came up onto the concrete shoulder of the fast lane going south. I had my toe nails getting trimmed by the fan blade and merged right in. I got to about 90mph and I saw my buddy going the opposite direction in the fast lane I just left and we did THE DOUBLE HEAD SNAP AGAIN !! I didnt wait another second and did the same thing. By this time my friend that was in the passenger side was starting to get spooked. I gotta say that I am a pure adrenalin junky. I got off on it and started screaming right back at him. I remember at 1 point he was screaming for me to stop and let him out. I said if you want out you pu*** ( I think it was just as we hit the shoulder in the second power slid through the median.) then you better jump now, because I dont plan on going any slower until we get to where we were headed. So I left it pegged and ran it all the way out to I696 then we took the big sweeper going west towards Milford rd. When we were on the peak of that 4 lane west bound exit that 275 splits into. 4 east on the bottom and 4 west over the top. I looked down and saw my buddy with the lights blazing. I got lucky because he would have caught me. Because when we hit that split to go east or west he was only a 1/4 mile behind me.
And I have done it more than once on my bike (recently) and thats all Im going to say. If any of you ride a newer sport bike or even an older one that runs well and has a good suspension. You already know it isnt even a challenge. I dont do thqat for the thrill. I just have a hard time staying even close to the speed limits anywhere I go. I got 3 super speeders in 4 years. I decided right then i had to make a choice, slow down which I cant, the other two options were sell my bike, Or ........make them earn it.. 4 years now and I have just 1 speeding ticket left on my driving record. And that is a 66mph in a 55 zone.
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Not these days .
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