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How the C6 stacks up,personal experiences...

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Default How the C6 stacks up,personal experiences...

Just ti give some input to those that wonder, I've ran my 06 C6 Z51 up against a few cars, the most popular to date is the GT500 and C5 Z06, as well as a Mustang GT california special and a TT Supra. Here's the reults:
GT500,stock vs my C6 stock, from a 55mph roll, even to about 85-90mph, then I pulled seveal cars on him to 145mph and beyond. It's like it(GT500) hit a brick wall.
GT500(modded, pully swap @ 15psi ,cai,drag radials,cat back exhaust,tune) vs my C6(headers,mild cam ,tune,runflat tires),at the 1/4 mile in Rockingham,NC. My 12.1 @ 119to his 12.2 @ 118.
C5Z06(modded,[email protected] 6psi, meth injection,MT/ETs,forged internals) vs my C6(same set up as above).My 12.0 @119 to his 11.8 @123. We were even for the first half of the track.
TT Supra(heavily modded,azzhat driver,had camera crew instands) vs My C6,see mods above. My 12.2 to his 12.1 and he destroyed his engine right at the finish....Nos fire,oil spilling from under the car...everything that could go wrong,did. Karma,baby,Karma....the driver of that ride actually approached me specifically because he wanted to beat a C6 on camera so he could post it on You tube.Well, he did pass the line first, but I go to drive home in my car, not behind it on a tow truck.
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Default RE: How the C6 stacks up,personal experiences...

Supras can be nasty fast - there is one around here that runs on the street and can do in the mid nines. Its a well prepared car and nicely sorted out, if clearly a handful to drive on the street (licensed, but hardly a daily driver).

I think the C5ZO6 Procharger had something more he could get: I had a Maggie on mine with the stock ZO6 engine and headers for two years and did 11.5s to 11.7s at 6.5 lbs boost. Prochargers, even the smallest model for the 'vette (P) do about 7 lbs and more HP than a Magnusen if they have intercoolers: maybe he didn't go for the intercooler.

There is no excuse for a NOS fire if you do your work well, are meticulous,and maintain and check the car carefully before every race, but I've seen idiots do stupid things, particularly to save money: no backup solenoids, no underhood extinguisher, etc. -- even saw a guy once who simply cut a 1/2" hole in the filter box and snaked the NOS hose inside it - didn't bolt a connection or anything -- of course the hose blew itself out of the box under pressure, sprayed NOS all over the engine compartment, there was some loose oil on the headers (there always is on a car with a sloppy owner) and bingo -- fried Mustang!. It's a brutal world and he got what he deserves for not doing it right. Same for your Supra guy.
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Default RE: How the C6 stacks up,personal experiences...

N.O.S. products catch fire? By the way nitrous oxide is not flammable.
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Default RE: How the C6 stacks up,personal experiences...

Are you joking or serious? If you think NOS is benign because it is not combustable, stay away with it. Its dangerous stuff.

NOS will not burn (combine with oxygen to create a flame and heat) because it contains oxygen: NOS promotes combustion which is the reasonit works: the NOS gets into the combustion chamber, and under heat and pressure breaks down into nitrogen (which you don't care about) and oxygen (which you value highly) and assuming you have metered more fuel in the right proportion,that oxygen combusts with the fuel and you have more power. That's how and why it works: it promotes combustion.

A NOS leak under the hood can lead to a bad fire.It will never be "small"because the gas is at such high pressure -- even a pinhole creates a sizeable plume, and if a hose gets loose it will dump massive amounts of the NOS all over the enginecompartment.

Fires are more common on cars fitted with "wet" NOS kits, the type that inject both NOS and the additional gasline its needs through a second fuel line directly when activated. In those, sloppily prepared kits often leak both gas and NOS and the car goes up in less than half a minute.

Most 'vettes and modern street kits are "dry" kits: only NOS is injected, but well upstream of the MAF, with the cooler, dense NOS charge therefore registering on the MAF (which interprets it as just a whole lot of more air) and thus convincing the engine control module to spray more fuel (done right this works well up to about 100-125 additional RWHP on a vette or other GM LS V8). Fires can still happen due to NOS leaks with these kits. Why and how do they start? Most commonly this seems to occur on cars with headers on which a bit of oil has leaked from poor rocker gaskets and seals, etc.The heat of the headers can cause the NOS to split into nitrogen and oxygen right there -- the oil is combustable. Once the flame starts the NOS will feed enough oxygen to make everything burn-- and remember, fiberglass will burn in addition to a whole lot of other stuff under the hood.
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