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Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

Old 10-24-2007, 02:29 PM
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Default Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

Getting on to the local highway here where I live, a guy on a CBR wanted to race. Light turned green and we went. Now I'm guessing two things here...first, it had to have been a CBR600....second, I don't think the guy knew how to race it because not once did he get his front tire off the ground. However, I did see him tuck and hit every shift. Well anyway, at about 80mph he was 1.5 lengths back and at100mph he finally got by me.

I am satisified...don't get me wrong...but it would have been nice to know how many cc's the bike was and how much experience the rider had.
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

Well, it definitly wasnt an 954RR, bgut yes in sure that it was a 600 or smaller bike kawi does make a ninja 500R but those are pretty slow, and I ride my friends 06 CBR600RR and it wont lift the front off the ground at all with just throttle, but my other friend yami R1 will go to 12:00 with with just throttle, but you got a speed demon to keep up with it.
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

No doubt it was a 600, theyt aren't that quick until the higher speeds when they start getting into the higher RPM's. I have an '08 Kawasaki Ninja 650R, and my Z51 is faster in the quarter mile, but once you get to about 110 the Ninja pulls away, althoguh if you keep withthe Ninja till about 130, theVette will regain the lead, because the Ninja is limited ot 139 mph top speed, so nodoubt ifyou can stay within two lengths of car with it at 140, the Vette will blow it away! But yeah the bike was probably a 600, but it is good to know that Vettes can hangwith sport bikes and outlast most 600's!

Old 11-10-2007, 09:22 AM
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

....and personally, I know of a C3 that took a crotch rocket downin the twisties.
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

It was prob a 600 man. Still a good run though. The 600's arent punks though. I own both an 06 ZX6R 636 (My girls bike now) and an 07 ZX10R. Both have all the bolt onsyou can do! The 10R is a monster! Havent had anything come close to it yet!
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

Not getting the front wheel off the ground is knowing how to race

You can't be full on the throttle with the front tire skyward.

If it was a 600RR those bikes run in the low 11's in the quarter -- the thing here is, its ALL rider... Going fast in a car takes some skill... going fast on a bike takes ALOT of skill...

Bikes are generally fastest from a 0-130/140ish, after that the drag is so high that your accelleration is crap...

Also, the RR series bikes suspension geometry is setup to not wheelie on full throttle so you're able to maintain maximum control while on the race track... I must say it works incredibly well..

One of the tracks here in Texas (TWS in College station).. Coming out of turn 3 along the left side of the track theres a small bump right in the race line. If you hit it full throttle on an R6, zx6rr or gxs-r 600 the bikes wheelie with ease... the CBR doesn't tend to wheelie nearly as bad
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

I have never had the chance to race a cbr 600, but i have had my fair share of GSXR 600's and i usually get them by a car or two especially towards the top end. The Z06 starts to hunt around 3rd gear, but i lose to newer 600's like 05 and up.
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

Talking about Kawasaki... a guy in our ... car/bike/truck club lol ... has a 636 and that little bike is fast. Like i question if the previous owner didn't put heads on it, or something of the sleeper type. The bike is beating Gsxr 750's and is locked down with my friends high 10 second cobra. The little bike is a freak, all we know is done to it is full dual exhaust, a power programmer, and sprocket. I told him to strap the nitrous to it and let it eat a 25 shot or so.
Old 06-01-2008, 10:45 PM
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Default RE: Raced a Honda CBR Streetbike

He must not know how to ride! I have a new YZF R6 and it runs 10.9 in the 1/4 mile stock. But who cares.......I wish I could have seen you pull on the bike. Its not what you got, its how you drive it, or ride it, and you won!
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